White Paper

Last updated: November 2019

Introducing Growth Channel - Channel Management App Based on Machine Learning 🤖

We are a team of multidisciplinary marketing professionals committed to sharing our experience with the world and making a bigger impact to the community around us! 

We built Growth Channel to leverage the world’s marketing intelligence and inspire marketers for creativity and innovation. Instead of optimising specific marketing tasks, or working within individual marketing channels, Growth Channel will be able to handle the entire process across all channels. 

From marketing planning, to campaign management and optimisation, we aim to deliver the all-in-one solution covering each step of the marketing funnel, NOT just the activation. 

Growth Channel will be able to:  

  • Address the entire marketing process across all channels 
  • Autonomously scale best performing campaigns 
  • Increase digital marketing ROI 
  • Use data to predict best performing content and context (eliminate guesswork) 
  • Create new opportunities for conversion
  • and more!


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